"I have a passionate love affair with Nature.  I am drawn to colors bright and bold, subtle and enticing.  Delighting in the dance of color and form, I do art because I am compelled to release the images inside me. Currently, I'm inspired to paint with watercolor because of the startling way that the paint plays upon the page.  I also love working with clay, constantly astonished by the transformation taking place within the touch of my hands."

    Introduced to the arts by her grandmother and uncle, Corynne began creating as a young child.  During that time, she discovered her deep connection with all aspects of Nature. Growing up in Indiana, she developed a love for the land through her grandparents’ farm. Her handbuilt ceramics allow Corynne to continue to explore her relationship with the land through clay.

    Colorado fuels this love affair with Nature with its intensely rich and colorful landscapes, brilliant blue skies, and breathtaking mountains. Corynne’s aspen images reflect her childlike delight with Nature. She loves to lie down in the grass, staring up at the sky through the canopy of trees and leaves. Corynne is also intrigued with the small details in Nature. Her floral images depict the brilliance and beauty of flowers in their bright colors and unique compositions.

    Corynne studied art at Colorado State University, where she also completed a Masters in Social Work.  Corynne uses art therapeutically with adults and children. She is also a signature member of the Colorado Watercolor Society. In addition, it is important to Corynne to use her art to support other non-profits when possible. Corynne has donated art to a variety of causes and organizations including:


The Matthews House

Public Broadcasting Service

Rist Canyon Volunteer Fire Department

Food Bank for Larimer County

The Gardens On Spring Creek

Disabled Resource Services

West African Development Support Organization

Wilder-Nest Retreats

AVON Walk for Breast Cancer

Blessed John XXIII University Parish

Larimer Center for Mental Health

    This three panel painting measures 30 x 66 inches and was a commissioned donation for The Gardens On Spring Creek in Fort Collins, Colorado. The painting is on display in the Visitor Center for The Gardens.



Contact Information:


PO Box 272977, Fort Collins, Colorado 80527